Tortini – Guilt-Free Pastry

Well, I have blogged over 100 posts on Tortini.  I have had the gratification of seeing some of these posts quoted, approvingly and disapprovingly, in print publications, as well as in other blogs.   More important, the blog has put me in contact with some very interesting people, who have generously shared ideas, comments, and criticisms — all grist for my blogging mill.

Up till now, I have not made my blog interactive; I have not set up the blog to permit comments from readers.   I have avoided this level of on-line, immediate interactivity with my readers mostly to avoid the pressure of having to monitor the blog closely.  As the quasi-publisher, I feel a responsibility to make sure that the comments were legitimate “fair comment,” and not defamatory rubbish, or worse.

Recently, Professor Deborah Mayo posted a good portion of my post, The Continuing Saga of Bad-Faith Assertions of Conflicts of Interest on her blog. The post attracted the attention of a critic who described my post with a mixed metaphor:  “meretricious garbage.”  I responded on Mayo’s website, but the exchange made me realize that there are plusses and minuses to opening up a blog to comments.

I think for my part, I will continue Tortini as I have been doing.  If I have given offense, personally, professionally, or intellectually, I invite you to write to me.  Let me know whether you are willing to have me post your comments.  I am certainly open to posting opposing points of view on Tortini.

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