The Misbegotten Judicial Resistance to the Daubert Revolution

David Bernstein is a Professor at the George Mason University School of Law.  Professor Bernstein has been writing about expert witness evidentiary issues for almost as long as I have been litigating them.  I have learned much from his academic writings on expert witness issues, which include his contributions to two important multi-authored texts, The New Wigmore: Expert Evidence (2d ed. 2010), Phantom Risk: Scientific Inference and the Law (MIT Press 1993).

Bernstein’s draft article on the Daubert Counter-revolution, which some might call a surge by judicial reactionaries, has been available on the Social Science Research Network, and on his law school’s website. SeeDavid Bernstein on the Daubert Counterrevolution” (April 19, 2013).  Professor Bernstein’s article has now been published in the current issue of the Notre Dame Law Review, and is available at its website. David E. Bernstein, “The Misbegotten Judicial Resistance to the Daubert Revolution,” 89 Notre Dame L. Rev. 27 (2013).  This article might well replace the out-dated chapter by the late Professor Berger in the latest edition of the Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence.



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