New Superhero?

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Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Ironman.

America loves movies, and superheroes.

So 2013 should be an exciting year with a new superhero movie coming to a theater, or a courthouse, near you: Egilman.

Actor-producer-director Patrick Coppola has announced that he is developing a film, which has yet to be given a catchy name.  Coppola calls the film in development:  the DOCTOR DAVID EGILMAN PROJECT.  According to Coppola, he was hired by

“by world famous MD – Doctor David Egilman to create and write a Screenplay based on Doctor Egilman’s life and the many cases he has served on as an expert witness in various chemical poisoning trials. Doctor Egilman is a champion of the underdog and has several worldwide charities and medical clinics he funds and donates his time to.”

Patrick Coppola describes his screenplay for the “Doctor David Egilman Project” as a story of conspiracy among corporate suppliers of beryllium materials, the government, and the thought leaders in occupational medicine to suppress information about harm to workers. In this narrative, which is a familiar refrain for plaintiffs’ counsel in toxic tort litigation, profits always take precedence over safety, and unions mysteriously are silently complicit in the carnage.

Can’t wait!


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